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Hello guys,

For this blog I have devised a plan to keep the 0.00001% of my readers happy. This small percentage of viewers represents the amount of those who miss me whilst I am away in the US. For those of you who are missing me continue reading. The people who do not give one single hoot that I am away and hope that I stay far away for ever (99.9999% of you) skip to the next paragraph right now. To comfort you I have once again created a GIF, however this time it's beneficial and not just to make myself laugh. Open it up and minimize it so that it sits in the corner, then imagine my manly baritone voice reading my own blog to you. 

My first overseas training camp brought me to Scottsdale, Arizona. For those of you who don't know where that is or what Arizona looks like, the quickest and easiest way for me to describe it is that everywhere you look resembles a scene from 'Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner' from Looney Tunes. There are cacti so big that they have to be reinforced with wooden pylons to stop them falling onto roads.

My sound self-timer photography skills

The purpose of my presence in Scottsdale was to train with Pete Kerr and Erin Densham to assist in their physical preperation (dealing with me on a daily basis would improve their mental resilience too) for the San Diego WTS. Unfortunately due to a burst appendix Pete was unable make the trip so as a result I spent most of the three weeks training by myself and occasionally with Erin. As much as my personality would suggest otherwise, I truly enjoy training by myself. It's card to describe in words but when I'm training by myself (specifically in the longer, easier sessions) I let my mind run a wild. I can literally spend endless amounts of time thinking about absolute garbage and forget I'm even training all together. It was great having the opportunity to train on my own before getting back in the groove of group sessions with the VIS squad when I arrive home in Melbourne.

The weather over here was just plain ridiculous. Waking up to see one single cloud hiding beside one of the mountains was considered overcast. At times I think coaching was more strenuous due to standing in one spot under the sun for prolonged periods of time. On the topic of coaching I was extremely lucky to be graced with the presence of 'The Running Guru' Bobby McGee who like always, creates an environment whereby I absorb knowledge like a sponge. Dean Golich (Erin's coach) was also present at many of my sessions for the week that both he and Bobby were in town and I found myself constantly practicing valuable pieces of his advice. When they left it was just back to Danielle and myself which felt different but just as valuable (as the 3:1 coach to athlete ratio was only comfortable in small doses). Together we were able to conquer a solid training block that has not only left me feeling stronger but with a more fierce tan to go with it.

Solo brick session on an isolated Scottsdale street

Sporting my cool spiderman-looking Zoggs Predators in Lifetime Pool, Scottsdale

I must thank Paraic McGlynn from Cyclologic in Scottsdale for offering me his time and as a result I was able to get one of the best bike fits in the world. I'm not kidding. This guy is as good at bike fits as Bobby McGee is at run coaching or as good as I am at blogging. 

The one thing that I wanted to see whilst being over in America was a squirrel. I'm sick of ugly possums in Melbourne making chainsaw like sounds outside my bedroom at ungodly hours of the night so my aim was to adopt a wild squirrel as a pet for the length of my stay in Scottsdale. I was successful.

His name is Kendrick and this is a photo of him sleeping on the road.

Well that's it for my first blog post (if you don't count the introduction from last week). I am racing a Supersprint F1 Enduro tomorrow in San Diego with fairly hot competition. My next blog will be a race report (hoping all things go worth reporting).


Was able to find Pho except it tastes like dust and cactus. Only thing I miss about Box Hill is a good Pho