Update after break - Back into training!


I can't think of a witty introduction at the moment so you'll just have to ignore your high expectations you have of my blog's ability to entertain you and deal with the fact that the paragraph you are reading is awful. I can only hope things get better from here for the sake of our relationship down the road.


Alright, well enough stuffing about. I guess I'll just get straight into things...

After finishing my US trip on a high with a 10th place finish in the San Diego Fearless Pro F1 Race my time in the US had come to an end and my week long break started. Below are some photo's of the second swim start thanks to Kevin Koresky from trilounge.com 

Somehow this dive...

...Ended up like this and the answer as to "how in gods greenest pastures?" evades me.

Arriving back in Melbourne saw the beginning of my break. I wish I could tell you stories of how I went on adventurous hikes through glorious mountain ranges, fished for Marlin in the bay or spent my time doing community service in a local soup kitchen. I must however confess that my break consisted of the following: Extremely irregular sleep patterns; lots of time spent on reddit.com; a fair bit of money spent on clothes I do not need and the occasional lunch dates with friends.

Nearly every athlete can agree with me in saying that a break a couple of times a year from both the mental and physical side of training and racing is quite nice. Unfortunately for me, getting back into training always feels harder than it should. In my first week back I had to put my body back in the routine (it's amazing how it forgets after one week of relaxing) all while balancing overcoming a persistent cold that was trying it's very best to keep me in bed.

After receiving my brand new tri suit thanks to 2XU one week after returning to training I remembered that I was in fact a Triathlete and was given some new found motivation to train hard again. It hurt a lot but finishing an extremely hard session is one of the best feelings I get in the sport of Triathlon.

Rather than bore you with detailed descriptions of training sessions I completed in my returning week, I decided I'll explain the worst one. I promise this story is not exaggerated one single bit:

It was a Thursday night, and I had planned to go to for a late night swim session with my old training partner Dylan Eeles. I vividly remember seeing outside thermometers reading -20 Degrees Celcius as we passed through the pool entrance - but hey who would be stupid enough to pay any attention to pool thermometers? 
 As i dove into the water I remember going into immediate full body shut down - my entire body shrunk and my  brain went into a dissociative state- I remember looking down from a warm place in one of the trees above and watching two white bodies thrashing their way through the icy waters like a couple of seals dancing through the frosty waters of the antarctic.This went on for about an hour and four kilometers of solid swimming was completed- all from the warm hidey hole in the tree above. Thanks Balwyn pool for giving me this out of body experience and for those of you who don't believe me I have provided a photo that I took upon exiting the pool:

Click here for photo evidence.

I finished this week on a high with the Giant Bicycles Australia "Ride Like A King Day" this morning. Forgetting gloves and toe warmers I was in fear of repeating the events of the previous Thursday night's swim. The sun eventually decided to show itself and I was able to warm up and enjoy the friendly pace from Cafe Racer to Mordialloc and back, finishing up with a breakfast on Giant at Phamish in StKilda. I don't know how many other bicycle companies send 70+ members of their family to feast like kings but I know I wasn't complaining.


Well that's a wrap.

Until next time...

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