Banyoles Training Block

Yeah G'day m8s,


Actually, don't answer that. I couldn't care less how you are. All that matters is that you are reading my blog and for that I am thankful.

So... Where to start? Well currently I'm sitting in my apartment in Vitoria-Gasteiz. It was a little upsetting to leave Banyoles however I've been here now for five days and I'm growing quite fond of it. For this blog update I'll be giving you all an insight into how my month-long training block in Banyoles went down.

There are a number of things I already miss about Banyoles. I grew to love the farmhouse we stayed in, the training environment and the weather that consistently felt hotter than one thousand suns. Most of all however, I will miss the pleasant feeling of speaking fluent Catalan when I order "un cafè americano" (the only three words of Catalan I can speak) at the various quaint little cafe's sprawled throughout the city.

The square in which I would impress all the waitresses by ordering in their native tongue.

The riding in Banyoles was truly something special. Being a fairly skinny human being I enjoyed the undulating terrain as well as the two mountain climbs that we did throughout our stay. Below you will find a small compilation of images that I took whilst out on various rides. This way you can see for yourself how beautiful it was and I can save my energy typing. 

At the summit of Rocacorba
Looking like an absolute idiot at the summit of Rocacorba

At the summit of the Mare de Déu del Mont

Oh and these last two images are evidence that I was almost hospitalised, seeing white-lights in a semi-conscious state after colliding with a thorn bush on the Rocacorba descent. It must have grown from the centre of the road whilst we were resting at the top of the climb (either that or I was working too hard to notice it on the ascent).

I'm still finding it hard to look at these images as they bring back too many horrible memories that trigger my PTSD


You can't turn your nose up at the running in Banyoles either. The amazing six kilometer loop that surrounded the lake was where our MAV Shuttles, fartleks and most of our easy runs were completed. Due to the blistering heat post-run we would often find ourselves sneakily creeping into the lake, being cautious as not to alarm any authorities (as there was a 300 Euro fine for swimming when you haven't paid to do so). I'd have to say it's the most absurd law I've come across whilst being overseas but I wasn't going to risk being thrown in a Spanish prison arguing over it. 

Thanks to Pat Legge our masseuse/photographer for these three images.

Look how well those maroon business socks go with my fluoro yellow Brooks T7 Racers!

I promise our new haircuts don't always look this full on

How's that for an arty snap? It does annoy me that our HR-Monitor straps don't line up though

Well that's all you're getting for this one. Certainly a lot of pictures but I suppose they're easier to look at than reading big chunks of mundane text.

My next post will be a 
Tiszaújváros race report. It will be my second last preparation race for the World Juniors in London and will be a great chance for me to get some short/fast racing in (as it is a super sprint race format with heats/finals over two days).

You'll hear from me soon,