Victoria, British Columbia - The beginning of my four month journey.


I am writing this from an open environment lounge on the third floor of a farmhouse in Serinya, Spain. I'll be spending the next three weeks here training with the crew and I don't think there is any chance I'll be getting sick of it. I haven't blogged in quite some time so I thought I better fill you all in on my previous three week expedition in Canada.

I started my overseas journey with a two week training camp in Victoria, British Columbia. I know I have the reputation of embellishing all my stories however I'm not exaggerating when I say it was some of the most enjoyable training I've ever done. I had absolutely no idea what to expect after stepping off the 17th and final flight to get there but was I sure impressed when I arrived.

MAV Shuttles. Trying my very hardest to not let Grandpa Pete and Marcel the Horse catch me.

Although the training environment in Victoria was amazing I took a while to get into the rhythm of things. Speed isn't a goal for me at the moment but it was still frustrating to get an honest thrashing from my training partners in many a session. I've never been happier than when I was told my Gym frequency was dropping down to only 2 sessions per week whilst overseas. I couldn't really feel the difference in muscle fatigue however I was really worried that 3 sessions a week in Melbourne was rushing my progression to look like Ronnie Coleman (definitely my goal).

Myself looking very broad-chested (unfortunately it's just the wind) and my pal Marcel sporting our lovely Giants

Below are two picturesque images I sourced from Google. They both depict scenic views of Thetis Lake which was one of the lakes we did an open water session at. The day we swam it was one of the most beautiful evenings and even these photo's don't do it justice.

Now the reason for me showing you these is because I want you to compare these two snaps with the photo I asked Danielle (my coach) to take of us after the swim. Not only were we not looking at the camera but now when I want to show other people one of the nicest swimming spots in the world I am forced to show them a blurry image of what looks like two black garbage bags floating in a New Delhi swamp.

Danielle Stefano- Great coach, awful photographer.

I believe the only negative of the whole trip was having no lane ropes in the pool which meant we may as well have been swimming in Taupo. Oh and the occasional three-day "detour" Danielle took us on to get to a session (yes, we got lost a lot but being nineteen without my license I'm hardly in a position to judge). -That's a big weight off my shoulders publicly admitting that on social media. I promise I'll get it when I arrive home.  

After two weeks in Victoria we headed off to Edmonton for me to race my first ever World Cup. I truly can't be bothered giving a big in depth report on a race that didn't end well but it was a learning experience and I was never expecting magnificent things at that stage of my training.

Well that's it. I know it's fairly short but my index finger's are cramping because I always mucked around in Computer Studies class and thus did not learn how to type efficiently (I'm serious, each paragraph takes me at least thirty minutes).

My plan is to fill you in more regularly with my Spanish adventures so I'm sure you will hear from me soon.