A failed camping trip

No greetings this time. I'm getting straight to the point.

I haven't posted in over a month now because I've been thoroughly enjoying my annual one-month-long break from Triathlon. With that about to end and the inevitable suffering of getting back into training just around the corner, I think it's a good time to fill you all in with what I've been up to and what I have planned for the near future.

Rather than bore you with a plethora of dull activities that I partook in during my time not training I thought I'd tell the one story that you might be interested in. Mainly because it was nothing short of a disaster and human beings love hearing about other peoples failures.

Last week myself and three friends named Phil, Travis and Spiros embarked on what we thought was going to be an enjoyable trip to Wilsons Promontory where we would spend two days relaxing in the sun and catching so much salmon from surf fishing that we would have to hire one of the salmon taxis to drive them all back home. Now that's why the trip was going to be a disaster from the very start. You see the sun doesn't exist in Wilsons Prom. Nor do Salmon so it seems. Actually I lied (we did catch one that was a micrometer over the minimum length). Now I was happy to forego UV rays slapping on my back and having Salmon for dinner every night until my 50th Birthday however I wasn't happy to swap it with torrential rain and 135km/h winds.

Here you can see me putting the final touches on our tent

On the first night after we had all fallen asleep from the overwhelming fatigue of banging tent pegs into the top of an iceberg, we were unwillingly joined by a gigantic and ferocious wombat. I know you all think they're harmless but trust me, there was nothing cute and furry about this monster using his talons to rip man sized holes through the tent walls to feast on our food stash. I had to get out of the comfort of my sleeping bag numerous times to scare this thing away while every time my friends cowered behind their somewhat protective fly-wire mesh screens.

A picture we took of the wombat the next day as it tried to get the food belonging to a fellow camper

We spent the entirety of the next day fishing and whilst I myself was unable to catch anything, I was able to master the art of sinker throwing. It's quite a difficult thing to perfect as it involves casting into oncoming waves in such a way that the sinker and both hooks become detached from the line and fly off into the horizon. I had plenty of fun doing this however Spiros got truly tired of tying the sinker and hooks back onto the line.

Spiros and Travis with the one fish they caught.

That night was our last night there and at about 9 pm it looked as though we were going to miss the bad weather. Now why would city boys like us camping in the wilderness need to check the weather on our totally capable smart phones? Absolutely correct, we wouldn't and we didn't.

I regretted nothing as the monsoon hit us at about 9.03 pm. The next two hours consisted of reinforcing different poles and pieces of nylon so that the hurricane didn't totally destroy the tent. Eventually we succumbed to the typhoon and sent out the Mayday calls via Morse code through our torches. Unfortunately the only being that must have received our calls of stress was 'Wrecker' the Wombat who decided to team up with the weather and destroy the inside of our tent whilst we all abandoned ship and slept in cars for the night.

Totally destroyed the next morning

Tent looking like a pancake

Winds so strong the fiberglass rods snapped

Just one box of food that 'Wrecker' the Wombat destroyed and as you can see he just did it to spite us as none of the food was eaten

Well that's the end of that. I hope you were able to have a good laugh at my misfortune.

In other news: You may have seen via my social media posts that myself and fellow camping 'Victim' Philip Gay are in the process of creating our own fashion label - Isaac Tobin. Fashion is something I've always been interested in so it's an extremely exciting project. You can follow our developmental process leading up to the official release of our Website/Facebook page on both Twitter and Instagram.


Our logo that you will be seeing plenty of down the track

The 'Isaac Tobin' graphic that will become recognizable with the brand itself

Phil and I safely back in Melbourne in home territory.

That's it for me now. I understand it's been a long read however it's a Sunday night and I'm sure many of you have nothing better to do.
You will hear from me soon as I get back into training and everything else that comes with being an athlete.