First blog of 2014 / Overcoming procrastination


Before I welcome you back to my blog I must offer my sincerest apologies for breaking my own "Fortnightly updates" rule. 

Sincere enough?

Alright! Welcome back. 
Logging back into my blog again had a feeling akin to brushing off the 1cm thick dust layer covering 'To Kill A Mockingbird' the night before my year nine English exam. 

I'm putting my blogging slackness since I've been overseas down to a combination of factors: 


-Preferring to spend hours on Reddit in my down time

-Daily door-to-door selling of home-made Kumquat Marmalade's to the Spanish elderly


*One of the above reasons for my lack of blogging is a lie*
Can you guess which one?

Ok that's enough mucking about (for now). So as most of you would know I took my 2014 European season with an approach that would benefit me in the long run. It was certainly tough to take a step back and devote my time to training when my peers were all vying for an Australian u23 Team World Champs position however by doing this I've come away with plenty of positives.
I've now completed three races for my French Grand Prix team 'Sainte-Genevieve-Des-Bois' and have just one left in Quiberon on the 6th of September. These races are just so ridiculously intense that they've been perfect for me in this development year. A very dominant proportion of the worlds best ITU triathletes are in a Div 1 French Team so it makes for a great opportunity to test yourself against the best.

First couple of k's on the bike in my first GP - Dunkirk

Unfortunately a life in elite sport is always unpredictable and this trip hasn't been short of setbacks. Food poisoning led me to a DNF in Larache (Morocco) early on in the trip and only a month ago a 'Food Poisoning-Bubonic Plague' hybrid forced me off the start line in Banyoles (Spain). While at first my reaction to these outcomes was sheer disappointment and at times questioning 'Why do I even bother?' I understood that it's not something I could control, so there is no point beating myself up about it. 

            A clip of the race site DJ blasting tunes throughout the center of Larache

I'd say my best race this season (that was a true reflection of my training) was the 2nd French Grand Prix in Valence.
The racing was extremely intense due to the Super Sprint Relay format. 
Our team finished 4th overall, and I had the 13th fastest time of the day which, considering the level of competition, I was extremely satisfied.
I'm aiming to better my performance in Quiberon this coming weekend so that I can end my 2014 a more consistent level of race accomplishment.


First ride with the newest addition to the squad - Declan Wilson

Running around a pond in Vitoria

Well I guess I'm done here now. You know me, I don't like to talk much and the same goes for typing. You'll hear from me sometime late next week with a race report from Quiberon.

I'd love to make a lengthy heartfelt speech about all the wonderful people I met, the astonishingly beautiful places I visited, and the diversity of culture I absorbed, however the highlight of my trip was finding a GoPro Hero3+ at the bottom of the lake here in Vitoria. I can imagine that the level of emotion I experienced when that little silver relic found it's way into my hands is the closest feeling to the birth of your first-born child.

Oh and the second greatest thing to happen in this years overseas venture: Word of Aphex Twin's new album releasing in September (First LP in 13 years).

Until next time,