I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Ever since I was young, I have loved athletics and getting involved in activities where I could expend my copious amounts of energy. My mum, Mary-Catherine, and my dad Rod have always been really supportive of my love for this, taking time to enrol me in little athletics from a young age, as well as Australian Rules Football (although, this definitely wasn’t a strength of mine!). My energetic nature was catered for and nurtured by some extremely tolerant primary school teachers, allowing me to make the most of my junior years. 

After primary school my educational journey continued to Koonung Secondary College, where I was able to make some great friends, study and still have time to run. Eventually, I progressed to the sport of triathlons, and thus far, I haven’t looked back. For me, Melbourne has been a great place to grow up in, allowing me to explore all my cultural passions that include areas outside sport such as film, electronic music and fashion.
In terms of training, I am based at the Victorian Institute of Sport under head coach Danielle Stefano. 2013 sees my first year of putting triathlon first whereby I hope to achieve significant results that will allow me to become a full time professional within the next few years.
My ultimate goal is to win an Olympic gold medal in the sport of triathlon all while enjoying the life journey that the sport takes me on.